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A new dawn…

On 06, May 2016 | In Graphic Design, Art, Cymru, Rhondda, Politics, National Assembly, Y Senedd, Hope | By Daf

Llongyfarchiadau i Leanne Wood o Blaid Cymru am ennill sedd y Rhondda / Congratulations to Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru on winning the Rhondda seat.

Here’s my slightly tongue-in-cheek nod to Shepard Fairey‘s iconic Obama ‘Hope’ poster in tribute to Leanne Wood’s triumph over Leighton Andrews of Labour at the National Assembly elections.

If you would like to use this image or get hold of the original vector version, please get in touch with me on here (please don’t forget to credit me where possible).



In Graphic Design

By Daf

Nadolig Llawen!

On 25, Dec 2015 | In Graphic Design, Holidays, Christmas | By Daf

Merry Christmas everyone!

Here’s to a happy and fulfilling 2016!




In Graphic Design

By Daf

Happy Birthday Black Gold Studios!

On 03, Nov 2015 | In Graphic Design, Art, Tattoos | By Daf

On the 12th of November 2012, one of my oldest and closest friends, Gavin Jones realised his dream and opened up his first tattoo studio in Ton Pentre, Rhondda. Three years on, the shop is going from strength to strength, with its reputation reaching far and wide. Having been involved with design of the Black Gold brand and its implementation, it has been an honour to have played some small part in the success of my friend’s business.

Penblwydd hapus Black Gold!

Click here to visit Black Gold’s new website and here to visit their Facebook page.




In Graphic Design

By Daf

C’mon Wales!

On 26, Oct 2015 | In Graphic Design, Art, Sport, Illustration | By Daf

In the run-up to the recent Rugby World Cup, I was asked by local kit supplier and manufacturer, D-Zine It All to design a series of Welsh-rugby themed t-shirts. Between us, we decided on a humorous and fun illustrative approach. I immediately decided that in order to get the best possible result, a collaborative effort was needed. So, I decided to recruit the talents of illustrator, Matt John, who’s style I thought would be perfect for this brief. The results were well-received and bang-on brief.

Have we found the next Gren perhaps?

Click here to visit D-Zine’s website.

Keep an eye-out for Matt John’s upcoming online portfolio.



In Graphic Design

By Daf

BAFTA Cymru Awards 2015

On 28, Sep 2015 | In Graphic Design, Theatre, Music, Awards | By Daf

It was a huge honour to be given the opportunity to design this year’s BAFTA Cymru Awards’ programmes and tickets. As BAFTA were keen to bring a musical element to the design, without it overshadowing the main theme of TV and film, I decided to take an abstract route and looked at how music could be visualised through vibrations and movement. The result was the creation of a hand-drawn ‘2015’ motif, done in a single motion, much like the movement of a conductor’s baton. Similar ‘conductor’s’ patterns were then placed as decorative elements throughout the brochure.




In Graphic Design

By Daf

Merseyside Women of the Year 2015

On 29, Jul 2015 | In Graphic Design, Art, Awards | By Daf

For the last four years I’ve had the privilege of designing the awards materials for the Merseyside Women of the Year. Its popularity is growing year on year, so much so in fact, that it has twice generated more tweets than Glastonbury, which happens to take place on the same weekend. Plans are already underway for next year’s awards materials.

Go here to visit their website.

Red Owl Handmade Jewellery

On 11, May 2015 | In Graphic Design, Branding, Handmade, Jewellery | By Daf

I was asked by a friend and local jewellery maker, Louise Streeter to design a brand for her burgeoning craft enterprise, Red Owl. The brief was simple – ‘I’d like a red owl and if I like it enough, I’m going to get it tattooed’. No pressure! Luckily owls are pretty cool, so at least I was confident I’d enjoy this project. The result was a simple and stylistic mark, which I believe Louise was pleased with, but still no sign of the tattoo!

Red Owl doesn’t currently have an online presence, so the best bet for now is to keep an eye out at upcoming craft fairs around South Wales.



In Graphic Design

By Daf

Launch of Welsh Sport Brand

On 02, Mar 2015 | In Graphic Design, Branding, Sport | By Daf

Last summer, local kit supplier and manufacturer, D-Zine It All wanted to create their own sport brand and tasked me with developing not just the brand mark, but the name as well. After narrowing it down from a list of possibles, we finally settled on ‘Guto’ – named after a local 18th century folk legend, Guto Nyth Brân, famed for his incredible endurance and long distance running. We felt it was important to incorporate a strong Welsh theme, and felt that the name, ‘Guto’ perfectly encompassed D-Zine’s aims for the brand. Each character of the logo is custom designed with the vertical stem of the ‘G’ playing on the word ‘Brân’, Welsh for Crow.

The first of Guto’s rugby kits are already in circulation and a range of other merchandise are also in the pipeline.

Read more on Guto Nyth Brân here